Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

Chronic lateral ankle pain often results from a prior ankle sprain or injury and involves pain along the outer ankle area.

What Causes Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?
• Repetitive ankle sprains and post-sprain formation of scar tissue
• Fractures in the ankle joint bones
• Arthritis of the ankle joint, or inflammation of the ankle joint, tendons, or joint lining
• Ankle-area nerve damage, including stretching, tearing, or pinching of ankle nerves

What Are Symptoms of Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?
• Outer ankle and lower leg pain
• Stiff, tender ankle
• Swelling of the ankle area
• Unstable ankle and trouble maintaining balance on bumpy, unlevel ground or while wearing high-heeled shoes

How Is Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain Treated?
• Take anti-inflammatory or prescription steroidal medications on a temporary basis to decrease swelling (ask your doctor first)
• Do physical therapy, including exercises that strengthen and improve the range of motion for ankle muscles
• Wear ankle braces and ankle supports
• Immobilize the area to allow bone healing after fractures